The Internet has a growing trend of people bad-mouthing things… especially movies. Everyone wants to be the first to say that something “sucks” and if enough Internet postings saying a movie is bad, readers begin to believe a movie is bad. (For example, the growing trend of hating the Star Wars movies… including the original movie trilogy.) I’m not saying people don’t have a right to dislike a movie, but there are just too many negative reviews out there. So, this blog was created in order to address movies that aren’t as bad as people remember, or that were not given the credit that they deserve, or that people haven’t seen in awhile and should see again.

After working in the editorial field for a number of years, I’ve had an increasing desire to writing something I’m more interested in. So, I’ve created this blog to express many of my thoughts and feelings about the movies I’ve seen in the past or have recently seen.

So, I hope whoever reads this finds some enjoyment out of it… or at least finds something that interests them.

Welcome!… and please enjoy!


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