News Recall: Batman/Superman, Gambit, Star Wars and Ant-Man

News Recall: Recalling movie news from the past week

When I started this blog, I didn’t intend to cover movie news since there are so many great sites out there that already cover it… Then when I decided to try doing a (roughly) weekly news post, but I didn’t intend for it to be long or to cover only comic book and Star Wars movie news. However, it’s been a busy news week as some interesting things have developed…

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TV Recall: 4 NEW Comic Book TV Shows Coming This Fall!

Four New Comic Book Shows, Plus News on Other “Geeky” TV Shows:

Welcome to News Recall… a new feature on Movie Recall in which I’ve done extensive “research” throughout the Internet and compiled entertainment news from the week that interests me the most. This week, I’m going outside the area I accidentally pigeonholed myself into by naming site “Movie Recall” and will be covering some television news… So, this week is a double feature: TV Recall and News Recall… or TV News Recall, I guess.

Anyway, several new “geeky” shows were announced this week (and last). Several of which are based on comic books. Continue reading